Bible Courses

Learn to the Read the Bible Effectively – an online course which will help you understand the Bible better.

The Evidence, You Decide – a site which challenges you to look at the Bible.

Lifes Big Questions – tries to show the answers contained in the Bible for many of life’s big questions.


Other Web Sites

Understand your Bible – NEW site run by Christadelphians, taking a fresh look at how the Bible message can make sense of our lives.

This is your Bible – a site run by Christadelphians Worldwide with information on finding your nearest ecclesia.

The Christadelphians – General Christadelphian Site including more details of what we believe.

The Bible Toolshed – A growing site covering many aspects of Bible knowledge.

Bible Quizzes – Quizzes and features to help you learn more about the Bible



e-Sword Electronic Bible – a free downloadable Bible to help you with your Bible study