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Lenise Lilico

Hi I'm Lenise, I'm a recently retired Primary Head Teacher who still enjoys working closely with young people. I am a committed Christian and believe passionately in helping young people, to live by good standards and to understand and appreciate other people. I have enjoyed watching my four grandchildren play and make friends in the welcoming Wardley community and I know we can also offer a warm welcome to all.


Becky Bamford

Having recently moved to the north east with my husband and 2 children I found the experience of making new friends and finding kids activities very easy with Wardley Christadelphians.  There's definitely a lot happening, especially during term time but also some annual events such as the Teddy Bear Picnic and the Summer School in August.  If you want to find out more information please either call round or email using the 'contact' link.



Cassia Smith

I have been involved with the children's activities at Wardley Christadelphians since our 3 children were of an age to attend Toddler group. I have enjoyed watching all the children grow and learn in a lovely friendly environment. I also help with WOW Club and Sunday school and find these sessions very rewarding. I find using the Bible to be a really positive way to help teach kids invaluable life lessons that help their decision making.


Rob Caffrey

With 2 super-energetic boys of my own I recognise the value that clubs and groups offer to kids as they explore; making friends, developing social skills, learning to make decisions and other opportunities to grow into young responsible people.  My kids have certainly benefited from the Christadelphian church and now I find myself in the privileged position to also be able to help the kids at both WOW Club and Sunday school. 


Dave Smith

Father of 4, and grandpa of 8 - I cannot remember the last time when there were no children in my life ! The joys and challenges make it a privilege to be able to contribute towards our youth work and offer a christian perspective.  We have a full programme of activities every year with plenty of opportunities for children and parents to come along, get involved and make new friends.  Please get in touch if you want to know anymore.


Gemma Caffrey

I've worked with children under the age of 11, with a variety of special needs, for more than 20 years.  I now have 2 children of my own at primary school and as a parent I appreciate the challenges of busy lives and the need to keep children entertained in a safe environment.  As a member of Wardley Christadelphians I have found the kids clubs to be both fun and nurturing and would highly recommend them to children and parents in the surrounding area.

All our helpers are DBS approved